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Elise and her team are total professionals. I trust my investment property is in good hands with Elise. My only regret is that i didn't switch to Elise sooner!

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I have been working with Elise for the last 11 months, and I have been very impressed with Elise and her team's work ethic, commitment and fantastic responsiveness. Elise is easy to work with and very efficient. Works hard and manages her time very well and you never have to send repeated reminders - she on top of things even during the busiest times and will make it happen. That level of dependability and commitment is truly refreshing. Elise is very knowledgeable about a the market and dealing with tenants. I would highly recommend Elise and her team.

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Elise has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Super responsive and helped my business partner and I manage 4 properties remotely. She really knows her stuff well and we look forward to working together more in the future! Highly recommended!

As an out-of-state investor, my experience with Elise is more than just good, it's actually GREAT. I have worked with 4 different property mangers in Pittsburgh and I can say with 100% that she is no doubt the best PM I have ever worked with. A few things I really appreciate about her include: - Response time. She is super responsive with email and always get back to me with an answer within 24 hours. This is very rare among the other PMs I worked with. - Efficiency. She really understands how marketing works and is killing it with listings. I had one duplex I had listed with 2 other property managers. It took each of them more than 2 months and still could not get any of the two units rented. After sending this over to Elise, she got one immediately rented within 2 weeks! I am surprised but always super happy that I decided to fire the other PMs and hand over it to her. - Great team. She has a great team of general contractor and other essential people that makes rehab very smooth and efficient. I really wish that there is an option of 6 stars because there is a lot of complements I can give Elise and her team for! Would highly recommend to all future property owners.

Elise was great; both helpful and personable. She knows the area really well and set up the appointments in a very efficient manner. She also does't get fussed when people mistakenly call her Elsie.

I met Elise as I was looking to relocate to the Pittsburgh area. Having sold a home, I wasn't ready to purchase until familiar with the area. Elise has helped me secure a townhome rental. She is knowledgeable, efficient, kind and awesome with my 2-1/2 grandson and daughter during my search. I highly recommend Elise for your home search!!! Sebastian and I thank you, Elise!

Elise is a very experienced and professional property manager, she knows how to deal with the tenants, which is really help the owners to release the burden from their shoulders. I asked her for suggestions about home warranty, insurance policy etc, and she always gave me the best answers from her professional perspective. The lease of our current tenant will be terminated at the end of July, but she already found another tenant for me starting at August 1st, Highly recommend to let Elise manage your property.