Property Leasing

Whether you own 1 property or 100, we know our team is the right choice to represent you to leas your investment. We start by marketing your property to hundreds of websites, create virtual tours, advertise to the top hundred leasing agents in Pittsburgh, contact our dozens of HR Rep Contacts, promote your rental to our relocation reps including Crowne, Cartus, MI Group, and more. We work with agents from all companies and show you property ourselves to help find the best qualified tenant for your property. Once we have ran a thorough credit/background check and located a tenant, we can help aid in writing your lease. We hope to be the agents you use to lease your investments year after year.


Property Management

Rent collection, repair coordination, upholding the lease, financial reports, tenant complaints, eviction...

That is what you should expect your property management company to do for your investment properties. What sets us apart from our competition? First, we complete seasonal property inspections. We believe that visiting your property only once a year isn't enough. We hope that with our thorough background and credit check we have helped you place a great tenant in your investment, but that isn't always the case. Just because a tenant is paying their rent doesn't mean that they are taking good care of your property. We believe that by visiting your property frequently allows us to not only make our presence known to the tenant but allows us to catch mistreatment of your property quickly. Second, we are very thorough with our follow up. We know that some owners do not need to know every detail of their investment properties status but for those who do, we believe that keeping them informed is the key to their piece of mind.



Our team has a marketing strategy in place to get your home sold as quick as possible for the most money! We know that the most important element to getting your home sold is exposure. Our marketing strategy begins with placing your home on over 1000 websites including featuring your property on websites such as craigslist, trulia, zillow, and more. From there we tailor our marketing strategy around your home and what exposure will bring you the most buyers possible. Selecting the right listing agent could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars. Our proven track record, determination, and follow through could make the difference between packing up today with money in your pocket and waiting for months with little or nothing to show from your investment.