It's a tough and frustrating situation to be in when you're ready to take the step forward and purchase a home but cannot. Whether your credit score isn't where it should be or you don't have the down payment you need or want to move forward, we have an option that can work for you!


-525 minimum credit score

-$50,000 minimum household income

-No prior evictions

-Cannot have an open bankruptcy

-Stable Income

-Downpayment is equal to 2 month's rent + $300 refundable pet fee per pet (up to 3 pets per home. Some restrictions apply)

About the homes

-Most be in one of the top 10% of school districts


-Cannot be a foreclosure

-No pools, playsets, or other onsite structures

-Must be in good or excellent condition

-3 acres or less

-New Construction is ok in some circumstances

-Homes and townhouses only

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